About the DCU Ryan Academy of Entrepreneurship

DCU Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurship is a partnership between Dublin City University and the family of the late Tony Ryan (Ryanair). The Academy exists to promote entrepreneurship and innovation and to use our iconic building in Citywest as a dynamic hub for entrepreneurs and researchers to develop ideas, learn new skills and network. There is widespread agreement in business, political and academic circles that the key to Ireland’s recovery and future is the development and exploitation of our best and brightest people who have developed world-class ideas to fuel world-class competition. The Ryan Academy is working with researchers and entrepreneurs to help them achieve their potential.

Areas of Focus

Education & Networking Innovative, superior quality programmes relevant to the needs of existing and future entrepreneurs and supportive of the Government’s Smart Economy and social policies

Research Provide leadership in the fields of research and policy development for selected areas of entrepreneurship and innovation

Collaboration Promote entrepreneurship and innovation by forming and coordinating national and international partnerships with universities, state agencies, social sector, Corporates, multinationals and Small and Medium sized companies (SMEs)

The Academy believes that particular areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity are vital to Ireland’s economic future including:

  • Creative Media
  • Green and Clean Technologies
  • Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship

The Academy uses the Enterprise-Ireland Innovation Vouchers scheme to work with start-ups and SME’s.

Research and Insights

What drives innovation? How can an organisation manage creativity? What can social enterprise learn from the for-profit sector? How can we create an entrepreneurial culture? The Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurship is committed to developing research, insight and outcomes to help individual and organisations to answer these questions.

The Ryan Academy through its staff, faculty and associates are engaged in research in a number of areas including entrepreneurship, minority entrepreneurship, social enterprise, creativity and innovation.

The Academy is also working with other research groups in Ireland and around Europe to produce relevant research that has an academic rigor but also a very practical application. We are partners with a variety of national and international organisations with which we collaborate on seminars, programmes and research.


Please be aware that all articles published before the 7th June 2011 were written by Gordon McConnell in his position as Deputy CEO.  Gordon is now Executive Director of Venture Catalyst at Arizona State University.

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