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Apply now for the Business Innovation Programme

Applications are open for the 2012/2013 Business Innovation Programme

This is a free programme for eligible jobseekers funded under the Springboard Initiative.

Click here for further information and to apply

Participants who completed the 2010 – 2011 Business Innovation Programme have kindly provided the Academy with the following testimonials:

“It took courage to apply for the programme. I am glad I did, as I’m reaping the rewards in my new position in Thermodial. The mix of experience in the class was invaluable to me” Andy Donlon, Business Innovation Assistant

“The BIP has been a thrilling year with the best of lecturers and consultants delivering the modules and master classes in this uniquely designed course.  There was also so much learning from the 120 highly capable and experienced fellow participants from diverse backgrounds”.  Philomena Mc Cabe, BA Psychology

“The course helped to redefine my core skills, highlighted skills I hadn’t recognised, and gave the additional skills and confidence I would need to launch a completely new career direction. Don’t hesitate! It’s YOUR opportunity now!” Paul O’Connor, Director, Polus Intelligence

“The Business Innovation Programme was a fantastic experience. It allowed me to use the skills I was learning in a host company. It provided practical opportunities and academic experience, which developed and increased my personal knowledge and skill-set” Ronan A. O’Reilly, Business Development Manager

“The Business Innovation Program was the best decision I made in 2011, the program was inspiring & creative, it gave me confidence in myself and the capability to create my own business to secure my future.” Gerry Rellis, Owner,  Smart Print Consultancy

“I now have a brand new skill-set as well as the confidence to take a much broader approach to seeking employment.  As a direct result of the programme, I have secured a wonderful employment opportunity, highly marketable skills and thanks to the in-company placement, direct experience in applying these skills to business challenges.  I cannot recommend the programme highly enough.” Debbie Slevin, Financial Services Professional

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