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Propeller Mentor Evening, a great turnout of Mentors

February 13, 2012 Leave a comment

The final Propeller Venture Accelerator “Mentor Evening” happened Tuesday evening here at the Iconic  DCU Ryan Academy.  In total over 65 mentors attended the two evenings including names such as Bernie Cullinan, Martin McMahon, Sean O’Neill & Liz Leavy which was better then expected.  Great energy and buzz existed in Pod 1 where the presentation took place and every clapping after each presentation with several mentors commenting on the high level of presentations from the companies considering they are only here a short time.

Some of the success over the last year such as 3 of the 6 companies raising investment of €1,000,000+ euro combined and 28 jobs being created in total by all 6 companies where highlighted during the introduction.

3 of the past Propeller company founders, who are also mentors, gave a brief talk about their experience with one saying “You think you are moving fast now, you need to be moving 4 times faster”.  This was quickly followed by the presentations by the new companies, Pickturk, SwiftQueue, Seoige Technology, VideoElephant & Slattery Validation systems who have just rebranded as Zeto Technology Solutions informing us about their product, what they have achieved and what their plans are for the future.

The evening concluded with the Founders and Mentors including several of the Alumni mentors networking, building relationships and discussing how they can help through their knowledge, experience and contacts, develop these new propeller companies.

“The mentor evenings were a great way to kickstart the propeller programme. The contacts we have made over that last week have been invaluable to us and we are really looking forward to working with the mentors now to get our new business up and running” Stephen Slattery, Zeto Technology Solutions.