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6 Companies Enter Propeller 2.0

January 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Propeller 2.0 kicks off with the 6 chosen companies moving into the offices this week for 3 months here in Citywest. Time is ticking away and the countdown to the investor day (April 27th) has begun.

“Week one of Propeller has seen everyone hit the ground running, it is great to meet all the teams and see the energy being put into their ideas, now there is a real sense of urgency that we are all here to get on with it and make the right things happen and no obstacles or excuses are in the way”  Brendan Casey SwiftQueue

The companies are; enables camera clubs and companies run photography competitions online. The Picturk platform supports the existing network and community of amateur photographers worldwide.

“We’ve solved the operational problems of running photography competitions.  We’ve built an online service for clubs and groups that enables them to easily extend their activities online. We’ve made it really easy for amateur photographers to connect and compete.” – Paul Geraghty, Picturk






Seoige Technology is a software development company. We specialise in Virtual world games across all platforms. We have created a computer game that is great fun, ad free, 100% safe with some E-learning benefits for children under 12. The children can take up an Avatar character and dress them up, decorate their house, play games or just explore the world of





Slattery Validation Systems design cloud based solutions for industrial and commercial refrigeration systems. Our solutions are designed to make refrigeration systems in supermarkets, factories and warehouses more energy efficient while also providing monitoring, alert and remote diagnostic functionality. Our software as a service business model coupled with our unique hardware result in an affordable, drop in solution for refrigeration systems all over the world.








Style Cloud is a vibrant community of fashionistas, creating, organising and sharing their latest ‘Looks’ using a free virtual wardrobe in the Style Cloud social network.  Members upload photos of their clothing and mix and match ‘Looks’ in an intuitive interface. Shopping on Style Cloud is driven by a superior recommendation algorithm based on network data and the capability to save items from the shop to the virtual wardrobe offers members a chance to test out new items in their existing wardrobe before making a purchase. We even have an App to allow customers test out clothes they are perusing in the real world in their virtual wardrobe by facilitating convenient uploading from smartphone directly to virtual wardrobe. Tagging unwanted clothing as ‘Swap’ allows members virtually monetise unwanted items and fill in gaps in their wardrobe. All this as well as a popular blog and Street Style section make Style Cloud a great place to spend time and shop.





‘swiftQueue provides self service appointments for healthcare facilities, anytime & anywhere’

swiftQueue provide a SaaS cloud based solution for Healthcare Facilities e.g. GPs, Dentists, Primary Care Clinics & Hospitals, to make appointments available online allowing patients view and book their next visit. Using Online, Smart Phone, SMS and Call Centre swiftQueue provide access to the real time facility appointment information. This provides convenience to the patient while also providing a 24/7 shop window for healthcare facilities.




VideoElephant is an online B2B marketplace in which to buy and sell both long and short-form video content.  VideoElephant enables professional content producers to sell their videos to web publishers, mobile operators, IPTV, VOD and broadcasters.  For buyers, we provide a centralized marketplace to cater for their video content requirements, alleviating the need for lengthy negotiations and contract exchanges.  For producers, we offer both the platform to sell their content online and the tools to market and promote it.