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Propeller Venture Accelerator features on Nationwide Friday 25th of November!

On Friday the 25TH of November, DCU Ryan Academy’s inaugural Propeller Venture Accelerator Demo Day presented on RTE One’s Nationwide at 7.00pm.  The show will also be streamed live on RTE Player.  Programme Enquiries to: nationwide@rte.ie

The Propeller Venture Accelerator aims to accelerate early development stage of technology start-up companies, both Irish and international, in Dublin. The Propeller Accelerator has taken the successful US accelerator model and adapted it to the Irish context. In early 2011 the Propeller Venture Accelerator became a charter member of the Techstars Network, only one of five outside of the US and only one of three in Europe.

The Propeller Venture Accelerator has an emphasis on software, Web 2.0, applications, informatics and cleantech start-ups. The accelerator programme is a mentor-led, three months incubation with free space and services and an additional €30,000 cash investment in each company.  This is in return for 6.5% equity stake.

The first Propeller Programme which started in February 2011 had an initial six companies – who were:

This year the programme has received a total of 135 applications.  Aside from a healthy number of Irish start-ups, the programme has also received applications from 20 countries, including Germany, Finland, the US, Australia, Iran, India, Israel, South Africa, Brazil, Rwanda and China. It is no surprise that people from all around the globe are showing a huge interest in participating in this award winning accelerator, recently ranked 7th in Europe.

The chosen companies will enter the Propeller offices in January 2012 in Citywest, Dublin.  Waiting are over 60 mentors with a formidable amount of experience to help the companies on a path to success.

“The Propeller Venture Accelerator has been a great experience one that has truly accelerated our company by at least 2 years if not more in only 3 months.  With easy access to a number of experienced mentors we were able to achieve results so much faster.”

Tom Byrne, CTO & Founder, HealthComms

The application process will open again for Propeller 3.0 in the Spring of 2012.  Keep an eye on the Ryan Academy’s website.  

Propeller start-ups have access to and advice from mentors, which is a key part of the programme; the mentors are senior corporate executives as well as seasoned entrepreneurs in the technology area. Another benefit of the programme is the package of corporate and service support including marketing, accounting, legal and intellectual property advice.  Companies such as Sage, Arthur Cox (largest law firm in Ireland), Tomkins IP (intellectual Firm of the Year in 2010), Enterprise Ireland, Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association (ISME), the HALO Business Angels Network, the Irish Technology Leadership Group and Arizona State University in the US have agreed to partner on the programme.

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