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Only days left to the closing of applications for Propeller

On the 2nd November at 5pm the online applications will be frozen and no more applicants will be accepted or can be updated (apply before the deadline so you have plenty of time to answer the questions). In the online application form there is a list of questions about you, your team and your disruptive, innovative idea giving you the chance to describe your idea to us.

Over 80 companies from all over the world including Iran, Israel, China, India, USA and a host of European countries have applied to this accelerator which is ranked 7th in Europe.

We are busy recruiting top class Serial Entrepreneurs to help you build your product/service and business, to accelerate you as they mentor, guide and open doors which would normally take years to achieve. (Click here to see some of these great mentors)

After the chosen companies are accepted they will then enter the Propeller Offices here in Citywest where they will remain until demo day on the 6th of April where they will have the opportunity to pitch to investors from not only Ireland but also Europe and America.

We would encourage potential applicants to apply NOW by sending an email to info@ryanacademy.dcu.ie stating that you would like to apply.  This is your chance to take your idea and make it into a reality! Time is running out!

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