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Free Professional Help to Develop Your Business

The DCU Ryan Academy is looking for companies that would like to host a business development team to carry out an assignment, free of charge, over a period of 40 days commencing in February 2012.  We have over 100 experienced managers and professionals who are studying business innovation.  As part of their course, each will carry out a project in one of a wide range of business development topics including product and/or service innovation, business process reviews including reviews of sales and marketing processes, reviews of the companies’ business models and some will help host companies to become systematically more innovative.

Companies interested in participating should contact Aifric O’Malley (01) 700 6786 before 31st October 2011.  We will follow up with a meeting to discuss what you would like to get done and make every effort to try to match your requirements with the skills of our course participants.

The DCU Ryan Academy is a joint venture between Dublin City University and the family of the late Tony Ryan, founder of Ryanair.  Our aim is to bridge the gap between academia and entrepreneurial practice in Ireland through training, support and funding for entrepreneurs. The students on our Business Innovation Programme are unemployed persons with a wide variety of professional and managerial backgrounds who are currently studying innovation, market and feasibility research, project management and consultancy skills.

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