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DCU Propeller Startup launches Breakthrough Service to Protect Children on Mobile Phones

September 30, 2011 Leave a comment

‘MobileMinder’ provides parents with a complete child protection platform for mobile phones

30th, September – Dublin, Ireland: Leading Irish technology firm, mm Technologies, has launched a mobile phone protection application system called ‘MobileMinder’. The company was part of the first cohort of startup companies that went through the DCU Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurship’s Propeller Venture Accelerator earlier this year.

This breakthrough technology allows parents to see who their children are connected to, know where they are at all times, receive alerts when they arrive somewhere safely, be alerted to signs of cyber-bullying, prevent sexting and view internet sites visited by their children. It also has the unique feature called ‘I’m Lost’ which, when activated, sends a map and location of the child to parents or an older brother/sister.

“MobileMinder offers parents great peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their children and their use of mobile phones. In my day bullying was only done face to face but now, with most children carrying mobiles, a bully can harass their victim whenever they choose and we want to put a stop to this,” stated Don Corbett co-founder and CEO of mm Technologies, who is also an alum of the DCU Business School.

“One of Mobileminder’s unique features is the ‘social circle’, which allows parents see who is in their child’s real life social network. We alert parents to any unusual behavior from their child’s contacts, be that bullying or a new unknown contact who the parent may not know. We can also alert parents to the exchange of inappropriate images on their child’s phone and allow them to delete the photos if necessary.

“According to the FBI, every 40 seconds a child goes missing in the US and it is unbelieveable to think that, in this day and age, technology has not been developed to help prevent this happening.”

Another key benefit for parents of the MobileMinder system includes a gallery feature to prevent sexting (exchange of inappropriate image on a phone) which can in some US states result in a criminal record or worse still a sex offenders record for the child.

“Children make mistakes and sometimes use bad judgement. However now this can impact on the rest of their lives way beyond childhood affecting their ability to get into college or get a good job in the future” said Don. The gallery feature allows a parent to become aware of this activity and take the necessary action before it gets out of hand, in some cases allowing a parent to delete the image remotely from the phone.

“We wanted to develop a complete, easy to use solution for parents that would give them the peace of mind knowing their children were safe on their mobile phones.”

The service is now available at €5.99 a month as a special launch offer.

For more information, please log on to

About mm Technologies

mm Technologies is a subsidiary company of associate mobile. Associate Mobile was incorporated last year and is focused on companies building and developing cloud services for mobile for consumer and enterprise markets.


DCU Ryan Academy welcomes significant changes to eligibility for Springboard courses for the unemployed

September 7, 2011 Leave a comment

The DCU Ryan Academy has today positively welcomed the announcement by Minister Ruairi Quinn to changes in the eligibility for the HEA Springboard courses by waiving the six month unemployment requirement for prospective applicants.

Speaking on the development, Anne Marie Scott, Participant Programme Manager at the DCU Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurship said, “We have met countless people over the summer, who were excited about applying for the Business Innovation Programme, only to be told they have not been out of work for long enough.

“It is vitally important that we harness the energy and proactivity of individuals who find themselves out of work at the earliest possible stage, and the waiving of eligibility requirements is a massive step in the right direction.”

Scott continued, “Facing into unemployment is a difficult prospect at any time, and making these options for retraining and upskilling available to people right from the point they leave the jobs market means we maximise their chances of securing employment as quickly as possible.”

The Academy is currently recruiting for the second year of its Business Innovation Programme, which supports unemployed professionals to upskill and re-join the workforce. In its first year, with 122 participants, the Business Innovation Programme was a huge success. To date, over 50% of participants have secured employment.

The Academy will be holding two more information sessions on Tuesday 13th and Friday 16th September at 10am.  Registration for these sessions is essential and can be made with Anne Marie Scott at: or at (01) 700 6764

Propeller Venture Accelerator Applications NOW OPEN

September 1, 2011 2 comments

The application process is NOW OPEN for Propeller 2.0.  Already founders with disruptive ideas are showing interest as they prepare to come out of stealth mode and get accelerated with their company to new heights.  Companies from all over the world including the USA, Portugal, Israel, France are UK are showing interest in participating in this award winning accelerator, recently ranked 7th in Europe.

“The Propeller Venture Accelerator has been a great experience one that has truly accelerated our company by at least 2 years if not more in only 3 months. With easy access to a number of experienced mentors we were able to achieve results so much faster.”Tom  Byrne, CEO & Founder, HealthComms

The application process has 2 stages;

First is the online application process where founders have to answer a list of questions based on themselves, their team and their product/service.   To apply founders must email the following address stating that they would like to apply; within one working day they will receive an email with the link to the application questions.  Applicants have the ability to edit their answers at any time up until the closing date of 2nd November 2012 at 5pm (Dublin time). No changes or new applicants can be accepted after this date and time.  These will then be shortlisted to approx 15 companies.

The second part of the application process requires these shortlisted companies to complete a presentation about themselves and their great idea to a panel of some of the top business people in Ireland including Declan Ryan of Irelandia Investments (Ryanair, Tiger Airways). This will happen between the 10th and the 24th of November after which the board will decide on the companies who make it as the finalists for Propeller 2.0

The chosen companies will then enter the Propeller offices on the 2nd January 2012 in Citywest, Dublin.   Waiting are over 60 mentors with a formidable amount of experience to help these companies on a path to success.

We would encourage applicants to start filling in the questions promptly and to engage with the Academy from an early stage.