Propeller goes to Paris

By Terence Bowden Co-ordinator, Propeller

Le Camping in Paris a similar start-up Accelerator to Propeller held their media day recently, which is the last event for their 6 month programme.  The location of the Le Camping offices and the venue for their Media Day was in a building called Palais Brongniart – a magnificent building in the heart of Paris.

The idea of media day is to give an opportunity to the press to meet with and speak to the possible start-up companies.  Several sessions took place during the event, one of which was a discussion on accelerator programmes followed by questions from the audience.  It was during this session that I was invited up to be a speaker.  Accompanying me on stage was David Bizer (Hackfwd, Europe), Moran Bar (Venturegeeks, Israel), Chris Redlitz, (U.S.A.) and Alice Zagury (LE Camping, France).

In all honestly I found this a bit daunting as I have never done anything like this before – getting up in front of 500+ people from all over Europe including the press to speak.  However I did receive a lot of encouragement and for me this was a chance to let Europe know about Propeller and how good the programme is.  I highlighted the most important part of the Accelerator, which is the mentors as without them it would not be as successful.  Also the 30,000 euro investment for the 6.5% equity is also a fundamental part of the programme. The session I was involved in lasted about 40 minutes with several items being discussed but the main focus was on the boom of accelerators currently taking place.   Whilst we agreed that there is a bubble, we all have different views on the size of the bubble. These related to our own individual experiences and countries that we are coming from.  Another interesting discussion took place on how hard is it to raise money.  The conclusion for which is that investors are still cautious about investing but the valuations of the companies are higher.

By 7pm everybody left the main auditorium and made their way to the open area outside of the Palais Brongniart where a Band was playing, a BBQ set up and a few cool beers, what a way to end a fantastic day!

My thanks to Alise (Le Camping) for inviting me over and for LE Camping’s kind hospitality during my visit!

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