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EU Launches New Social Innovation Initiative

The European Union launched last week a new initiative aimed at social innovation. Called Social Innovation Europe, it aims to create a ‘dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovative new Europe.’

Indeed. Strong words on the subject by the EU: “The time has come for Europe to embrace the broad concept of innovation and set an example globally. By 2014, Social Innovation Europe will have become the meeting place – virtual and real – for social innovators, entrepreneurs, non-profit organisations, policy makers and anyone else who is inspired by social innovation in Europe.”

Through a series of gatherings, and a new online resource, Social Innovation Europe aims to:

  • connect projects and people who can share experiences and learn from each other;
  • develop an easily accessible resource bank – so you can find about other projects, organisations and ways of working;
  • develop a resource bank of up to date policies at local and national levels and provide information on funding opportunities;
  • facilitate new relationships between civil society, governments, public sector institutions and relevant private sector bodies
  • develop concrete recommendations in financing and in upscaling/mainstreaming of social innovation in Europe

Further information is here.

  1. March 21, 2011 at 12:59

    Thanks for the blog. Timely and very useful. I see there is a full section on intellectual property on the site, an area that we are looking at closely at the moment for a project in our organisation.

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