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Cameron Declares War on ‘Enemies of Enterprise – Will Enda Kenny?

This is not the first time that Conservative leader and PM of Britain has referenced entrepreneurship, but his weekend speech seemed to signal a hardening of the focus. The speech was to his faithful members at the conservative party’s spring conference, where he declared war on the “enemies of enterprise.”

He also promised a very pro business budget, which will include 10 new enterprise zones to boost some of the most deprived areas of England. Mr Cameron also promised to open up government procurement processes to small businesses, something that is an issue in many countries including Ireland. For too long smaller or startup companies were seen as ‘high risk’ for technocrats in the civil service, preferring a variation of the old ‘no one gets fired for buying IBM’ attitude when it came to large contracts.

Despite being seen as a ‘pro-business’ party, it will be interesting to see if the Fine Gael part of the new Irish government will do anything about the pressing issues for Irish companies, from credit availability to cost structure (energy, rates being two major issues) and what of the continuation of the development of a funding environmental akin to our more successful European neighbours? Will this government also take the plunge and look at merging Enterprise-Ireland, Science Foundation Ireland and IDA Ireland into a powerhouse for this so-called ‘Smart Economy’ they keep going on about? We will wait and see.

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