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REDF Announces Newly Funded Social Enterprises

Our favourite social venture philanthropic organisation in the US, REDF in San Francisco continues to drive jobs growth in the region.

Last week REDF announced  the launch of a new portfolio that will create jobs and pathways into the workforce for Californians who face some of the greatest barriers to work. The creation of this new portfolio is the direct outcome of a $3 million federal Social Innovation Fund grant awarded  by the Corporation for National and Community Service. In this case  REDF matches the grant with an equal amount of private funding from philanthropic donors.

REDF has selected six nonprofit organizations for inclusion in the new portfolio, with plans to add several more by the end of the year.  REDF will provide its signature hands-on business and technical assistance to these organizations to help them start, replicate, and expand scalable social enterprises, ranging from recycling and property management to staffing and work crew services.

Since 1997, REDF has helped more than 5,700 people in the San Francisco Bay Area move into the workforce by investing in social enterprises – nonprofit-run businesses that create jobs and employ individuals who are overcoming chronic poverty, homelessness, criminal history, substance abuse or mental illness.  Currently California is going through difficult times with the second highest unemployment rate in the States at 12.5%.

For more information on this please see here.

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