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Mr Desmond – Your Ideas are Great – But Politicians don’t create jobs, Entrepreneurs Do

Dermot Desmond’s political reforms were pretty spot-on. It’s a shame that the political parties, of all hues, are unlikely to do anything about it. Do we need it as a nation? Absolutely but I think it will take ‘people power’ to change any political system, and we haven’t (alas) reached that point yet.

A new government may start moving in that direction, we will see, but while this is going on our country drops further into debt, lives are destroyed and a generation of wealth creators, educated at high cost, leave to sunnier shores. What is to be done?

All this electioneering at the moment is wearying, talks about ‘how many jobs our party will create’ would be funny if it wasn’t sad. Entrepreneurs and their companies create value, wealth and jobs. The best the political class can do is to make it easier to do business (costs of rates, electricity and services are still too high despite deflationary period) and stay the hell away from business overall.

So, what the really wealthy and influential people like Mr Desmond and his friends can do right now is back the initiatives that we really need, to get ‘down and dirty’ in Ireland:

1. Be an even more visible role model for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Get out there and evangelise with those of us who are trying to support entrepreneurship.

2. Use some of your wealth and your friends to set-up more early stage funds, new accelerator programmes, and not just for high-tech (cleantech, food, creative industries), yes we have other industries where we need to incubate the next generation of winners

3. Use your international connections to get early stage companies into potential partners, clients and funders

4. Use those great people who work for you or have worked with you, to mentor the younger entrepreneurs.

We have huge talent here, and we have a group of senior, international serial entrepreneurs who know the ropes. We know you have helped before but we all need to raise our game now. Don’t do a reality show, give us real, hardcore help, and in the end we will all be winners.

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