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Cleantech Funding Up – IPO Season to Begin?

VentureBeats GreenBeat has detailed a number of interesting facts in the last week. Firstly a report from Ernst and Young that shows that cleantech investment overall is up 8% in the US from a year ago, hitting a total of $4 billion in 2010. Slightly worrying for earlier stage companies is that most investors decided to give money to late-stage cleantech startups that had already been well established, with  only 26 percent of venture capitalists invested in early-stage cleantech startups.

A second trend in their reporting are articles on potential initial public offerings in 2011. For example Biofuels company Gevo raised $107 million in an initial public offering recently, pricing 7.1 million shares at $15 each. This is a company partly backed by Richard Branson. Meanwhile Florida-based LED maker Lighting Science Group (LSG) also announced last week that it has filed for a $150 million IPO. At the same time Algal biofuels and oils startup Solazyme is expected to IPO later this year.

This is obviously a good sign in the sense that alternative energy and technology companies getting into the IPO space means the sector has reached potentially a new level of validation. Lots done plenty more to do.

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