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Why there is no ‘Irish Google’: Reason No.2 Mojo

I participated in a spirited debate on Irish Debates last Saturday afternoon with our good friends Frank Hannigan and Ron Immink, all about whether Ireland has lost its ‘Mojo’ in the current climate. I suppose I was the heretic as I proposed the question about whether we have really had mojo in recent years (the boomtime, and I guess it depends on what you mean by mojo anyway).

A number of issues came up including ambition level (seemed to be broad agreement on that), attitude towards failure and also the earlier conversation about emotional support. The fact is we have excelled in so many other areas particularly music and the arts, that it should have translated more into the startup tech sector.

Ron and Frank in particular made points also about some of the major Irish companies from CRH to our very own Ryanair. I think again that the vibe here is changing and looking at the overall interest in startup activity that we are seeing not only with Propeller but also in the Ryan Academy in general, a better mojo is on the way.

You can see the full discussion here.

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