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Vendorshop Aims to Help Companies Make Money from Facebook

So you have a Facebook presence, as a company, and people like you. Great. So how do you make money from that? Of course, Facebook allows people to pass on ‘likes’ to their friends via the system, and invitations to events but getting people to part with their money is another story.

Enter Irish startup VendorShop: VendorShop enables a business to sell on Facebook via a ‘social’ shop, and by using a freemium model, the initial (simple) download is free. It is only with the bells and whistles that you start paying, which is ideal for individual traders and smaller SME’s. The startup company already has 10,000 customers using their system worldwide, and they are adding impressive numbers each day.

Their system includes:

– Add a shop to your business page in minutes.
– No need for shoppers to install application.
– Unlimited products, categories and attributes.
– Sale pricing for products.
– Payment via PayPal
We are very impressed with VendorShop, particularly as monitising Facebook (and other social media) will be the next great step for Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. It also shows that innovation is alive and well in Ireland, even if we don’t get as much publicity as those State-wide.

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