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Tech Cold War Heats up – Google Takes on Groupon

So the virtual cold war between the Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 companies continues, rumours about “Google Offers”, their take on the now very successful Groupon model, intensifies. This of course will be yet another group-buying service on top of the Groupon clones that are appearing in various countries.

Obviously this is ‘Plan B’ for Google after their bid to buy the company was turned down recently. I guess this is a case of ‘If you can’t buy them, try to kill them.’ It looks like Google’s new CEO, Larry Page, will have his hands full. Indeed the Larry Page move reminds me a little of Steve Jobs returning to Apple…not that uncommon for successful tech companies to reach back to one of their founders to steady the ship when it hits rough seas. Of course this trend has had mixed results.

Either way the virtual ‘Tech Cold War’ that I have been talking about will be a continuing trend this year. Which is good for the startup scene, as internal innovation alone won’t be enough to give the tech giants and new kids on the block the upper hand in the continuing monetization of the internet. Startups that can offer a Google, Apple, Facebook, Groupon, LinkedIn or Amazon a weapon against the others stands a better chance of getting bought.

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