Social Innovation in China

Generally we tend to look at social innovation in the developing world or in countries in the Western world….rarely does China appear on the radar. Seems we have just been lacking information as a very informative article on CNNGO Asia outlines. The article predicts that China will become a leader in social innovation in the near future. There are definitely some interesting ideas going on in that economic powerhouse. For example

1. Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship: Based in Beijing, FYSE offers programs to develop and inspire young entrepreneurs to create and grow sustainable social ventures. FYSE has a fellowship program, organizes online and offline events, and distributes local sector information in a vibrant newsletter. They will launch an Asia Social Venture Academy in March, which is an intense four-day program that will bring together young and established social entrepreneurs from throughout Asia

2. Non-Profit Incubator: This provides start-up NGOs and social enterprises with resources such as free office space, training and capacity-building programs, micro-grants and guidance as well as assistance with registration and fundraising. NPI is supported by the government, initiated by civil society organizations, managed by professional teams and monitored by the general public. So far more than 40 NGOs and social enterprises have already gone through the programme. It operates in several cities now.

It is interesting to see the growth of social enterprise, social innovation and social entrepreneurship in Asian countries, Vietnam is already a hothouse of activity.

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