2011 Year of the Entrepreneur?

So Happy New Year to you all! As another year starts, we all start equally positive about the new year. If anything, we saw a marked increase in the interest in starting one’s own business in 2010 and it looks like this will continue to increase in 2011. Could this be the year of the entrepreneur? Our Seed Venture Accelerator programme Propeller nears the end of its application process, and we have seen applications from as far away as the US, Brazil, UK, Europe and the Ukraine.

Obviously there is a lot of interest out there and interesting ideas from Web 3.0 social media, to clean tech to informatics to sensors. Recent comments from the Boston Techstars also shows a marked move away from pure Web 2.0 companies, and I wonder if we will see this move (or ‘pivot’ to use the lean startup term) become more standard for accelerators around the world.

We are also seeing a lot of interest in becoming mentors, some of this is about getting the country up and running again by helping to stimulate entrepreneurship, for some it is to get a first look at new companies for investment or involvement reasons. Either way we are very happy to see so many senior people take an interest in this new Dublin-based accelerator.

And there will be other accelerators coming on-stream, from Galway to Tralee to Dublin. The recent announcement by Polaris Venture Capital about setting up their Dogpatch Labs in Dublin will give startups yet another place to start in the new year. All of this is good, assuming competition for accelerators and startups is good. Either way we are all doing our part to get the country running and create wealth, value and jobs. Are you doing your part?

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