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Ryan Academy Supported Cleantech Startup GreenEgg Technologies Launches

First Cleantech Startup comes out of the ‘Green Way’ Economic Zone with EcoBike

DCU Researcher Links with Recent DIT Graduate to Create GreenEgg Technologies

The first new company, GreenEgg Technologies, has launched from the ‘Green Way’, Ireland’s first Green Economic Zone, An tSlí Ghlas.

The new company was launched at an event organised by Global Action Plan Ireland. The initial GreenEgg product is an EcoBike, which GreenEgg has developed for Global Action Plan (GAP), which will be showcased at the event.

GreenEgg Technologies is a spinout of the Energy and Design Lab in Dublin City University, with a link to Dublin Institute of Technology. The primary goal of GreenEgg is the development of products and solutions for the clean technology market. The founder and CEO of the new company is Dr Shane Linnane, a DCU postdoctoral researcher while his co-founder and Business Development Manager is Robert Merriman, a recent graduate from the DIT School for Spatial Planning.

The EcoBike is a pedal powered electrical generator used to demonstrate the concepts of energy efficiency and green living to children and adults in an interactive and fun way. As users pedal, it enables them to power electrical appliances with their legs. The more energy an appliance uses, the harder it is to pedal. Through a touch screen interface, users can choose between different appliances, exploring how different devices use electricity such as the difference between sound and heat.

The touch screen computer displays the user-generated power level in real-time and records total power generated for a given user. Each rider’s performance data as well as the combined energy produced on the day is stored on-board or can be up-loaded directly to your own website via WiFi. As well as the EcoBike, GreenEgg Technologies plans to develop a range of products in the eco-educational sector.

For more information see their website.

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