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Irish Budget Will Be Hard on Social Sector…Now What?

So the start of a major cut in monies going to the social purpose sector, coupled with cuts in general giving as the whole population takes a hit from the worse budget in a lifetime…so what now for all the social sector organisations in Ireland and indeed in other countries cutting their spending? We know from the Wheel data that the cuts of the last few years have already had a major impact. What can the sector do?

Well there are two schools of thought around this – the Social Enterprise School (Generate Earned Income for a Social Purpose) and the Social Innovation School (New and Better Ways to create and sustain social value).

We like both of them, and these ideas can be combined depending on the kind of social purpose organisation you are, though there are no ‘silver bullets’ here. Organisations will have to be:


• More entrepreneurial approach to solving these issues
• Adapt some of the activities of the commercial entrepreneurship world
• More sustainable social impact
• Open to approaches that help control costs, increase revenue and efficiencies
In some cases they will create new innovative ways to tackle social issues.
Sometimes I get accused of trying to make the social sector ‘more like business.’ But I reject that accusation. It is that, as the management guru Jim Collins once wrote: “A culture of discipline is NOT a principle of business; it is a principle of greatness.”
Over the coming weeks we will be taking a look at earned income and how social sector organisations can become more entrepreneurial and innovative. At the end of the day it is not about ‘profit’ but social value maximisation, surely a good thing?


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