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Dublin Ranked Number 1. in Cities ‘Destroyed’ by Recession

The Brookings Institute has published a list of Cities (MetroMonitor) that are worst effected by the recession, and unfortunately (possibly due to recent dire media coverage) Dublin comes out worst, ranking number one on the list. The Global MetroMonitor examines data on economic output and employment in 150 of the world’s largest metropolitan economies, located in 53 countries, from 1993 to 2010.

It shows that though European metros on average weathered the recession slightly better than U.S. metros, they are struggling in the recovery, with metros such as Dublin, Athens, and Riga still losing employment and income from 2009 to 2010.

Aggregate views of the global economy, however, mask the distinct experiences of its real hubs—major metropolitan areas. Metro areas, which are economically integrated collections of cities, suburbs, and often surrounding rural areas, are centers of high-value economic activity in their respective nations and worldwide. And because metros form the fundamental bases for national and international economies, understanding their relative positioning before,during, and after the Great Recession provides important evidence on emerging shifts in the location of global economic resilience and future growth.

These kind of reports though mask the underlying jump in Entrepreneurship activity. The Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurship is seeing a growth in the number of young entrepreneurs that are approaching us, and in this effort we are planning an event on the 9th of December for recent graduates from all colleges and universities, in association with the Lord Mayors Office and the Union of Students in Ireland, in the Mansion House – for free!

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