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Irish Company Develops Parental Protection App Against Cyberbullying

More and more parents are purchasing phones for their children and with Christmas approaching lots of children are asking for phones from santa. However there are potential dangers for children with mobiles and with the growing numbers of cases of cyber bullying, grooming and sexting how do parents really know that their children are safe on their mobiles.

An Irish company has developed a parental supervision platform for mobiles called mobile minder. The mobileminder application gives parents peace of mind when it comes to their children and their mobile phones. It allows a parent to supervise remotely, their children’s mobile activities including calls and texts.

It even goes further by providing a system that will notify parents to texts with specific words. This covers any signs of cyber bullying, sexting or unusual behaviour.

Mobileminder’s location system allows parents to know where their children are at any time. So now parents, no longer must rely on a call or text to know if they have arrived at their destination. Currently this app is running on Google Android phones but other versions of the application are being developed.

The developers of this app are Associate Mobile, a mobile apps company that the Ryan Academy has been doing some mentoring with and we love their product! With a rise in these issues with younger children, we believe this is a useful application that can be downloaded for a 14 day free use before deciding to buy the app.

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