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Online Giving Platform Mygoodpoints.org raises 125K Euros

Online charity MyGoodPoints is announcing today €125,000 funding from The Community Foundation for Ireland. The money will be given to the new Irish charity over two years, €25,000 every six months. We are particularly happy about this in the Ryan Academy as we have used Killian Stokes, the founder and CEO, as a speaker (he is excellent btw) many times, and we have advised mygoodpoints.org as part of our virtual social enterprise incubator over the last year or so (one of many supporters of Killian and his team).

Founder and CEO of Mygoodpoints.org Killian Stokes

This money will go towards helping MyGoodPoints.org to continue to develop and complete their online donation platform and to formally launch their charity to the Irish public in 2011.

CEO and Co-Founder of MyGoodPoints.org, Killian Stokes commented “This is exciting news that will enable us to grow as an interactive online charity. Especially in a time when there is less money available to charities. MyGoodPoints will ensure that there is greater transparency and accountability on every euro donated by the public so that more is achieved with less; as each  euro a person donates goes directly to fund the charity project of their choosing.”

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