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Inventorium 'Long Debate' on Innovation Taskforce

Thursday night in Dublin city should be interesting, as the Inventorium panel event or the ‘Long Debate’ on the Innovation Taskforce takes place in the Digital Hub.

The Long Debate will draw on the Innovation Taskforce report as its starting point. Launched in March 2010, the report sets out recommendations for developing Ireland into an International Innovation Hub by developing the country’s creative and smart economy. Taking a core premise that ‘Innovation’ and the development of a smart and creative economy is important for the economy, the event seeks to probe how well we are doing as a country in developing systemic innovation. The Innovation Taskforce provided recommendations for the country and eight months on from the launch of the report, Inventorium is creating this event as a platform to present different perspectives on:

(a) what constitutes a systemic innovative culture / ecology

(b) what are the right actions to take to develop systemic innovation

(c) how we do these things – with emphasis on practical tools and interventions.

In taking the report as a starting point, the aim of the debate is to bring together a cross-section of contributors to debate how we develop cultures of innovation within Ireland, and what this means for each speaker in relation to the sectors they work within.

The event starts at 5 pm in the National Digital Research Centre and goes on until around 10 pm that night. The author is one of the speakers at the event, and with so many speakers it should be interesting to see how the debate goes.

My own comments? Well you will just have to turn up ….


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