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Irish Green and Clean Tech Companies to Watch

Companies all over the world are hard at work looking for solutions for a green and sustainable future – from smart grid, to alternative energy to the new distributed grid. Ireland is also in the forefront of this revolution, not just through innovative startups but also through longer standing companies and semi-state organisations that are taking on a green edge.

New Wave of Companies: Ireland at present is focusing much of its energies on coming up with alternative energy companies. Companies such as Solarprint, WaveBob, Openhydro and RE3 Recycling.

Traditional Companies: Even more traditional companies are getting in on the act. For example, Irish consumer white goods manufacturer Glen Dimplex is developing a range of intelligent home heaters using smart meters and motion detectors. There are also older, larger green tech players from Ireland including NTR (Once National Toll Roads) which is now an international renewable energy group that builds and runs green energy and resource-sustaining businesses in Ireland and the US. Not to mention wind developer Airtricity, who are Ireland’s No.1 supplier and generator of green energy and have 32 operational wind farms throughout Europe, with a further 13 under construction.

Research: And larger scale research projects are also under way, such as the Government-backed SmartBay, which involves IBM and the sensor researchers in Dublin City University, aims to establish a marine research, test and demonstration platform in Galway Bay.

Semi-State: Irish semi-state organisations like Bord na Mona (originally developed turf or peat fuels), ESB (national electricity supplier), the Marine Institute and Coillte (national forestry organisation) are also developing alternative energy, and these may be sold by the Irish government to cash in on their development in the coming years.

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