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Kraft Huddles to Fight Hunger through Social Media

The food giant Kraft has managed to leverage its multiple brands and multiple social media to involve consumers in fighting hunger. Kraft Foods’ Huddle to Fight Hunger program is designed to reach the goal of giving away 20 million meals to Feeding America. The program runs from August 22nd 2010, through January 9th, 2011 and encompasses many ways for consumers to get involved. For all components of the program, the monetary equivalent of meals will be donated by Kraft Foods. $1 donated = 7 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local food banks.

There are numerous ways consumers can participate and help the cause: Coupon Redemption:a Maxwell House Coupon Booklet, specified digital coupons on Kraftfoods.com and Huddle to Fight Hunger specified retailer coupons.

Digital Program: Participating in various online activities, such as joining the Huddle to Fight Hunger website, “liking” Kraft Foods on Facebook, uploading photos, “tweets” and more. Each activity results in at least one meal donation.  There is a limit of four million meal donations from all digital and social media activities.

Texting and Mobile Programs: Texting based on specific programs will enable one meal to be donated.

The programme hopes to donate a maximum of four million meals through digital and social media. Additional meal-donation initiatives are under way at Kraft brands including Oreo, Ritz, Kraft Cheese and Maxwell House.

One can see this working in Ireland too – a number of food brands, a giant food company like Kerry, the GAA and its massive network of clubs and supporters? For social enterprises and charities in the homeless sector or those involved in food supply in these harsh times, there are lessons from this example. Come together and do a deal.

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