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New Programme for Unemployed Professionals

Although it is not technically in the social enterprise or social entrepreneurship space, I think we are all aware that there are a lot of unemployed people out there, and a lot of them are high level professionals (think architects, engineers) who were are the wrong end of the construction bubble.

Think about another issue. Irish companies want to be innovative, want to export into foreign markets, want to create new products. But many of them are hampered by day-to-day operational worries, and lets face it, making salary at the end of every month. To this end we have developed the Business Innovation Programme (deep breath!)

So…Ryan Academy to the rescue! We have developed, with the support of State agencies and funding from the Labour Market Activation scheme, an innovation and new product development programme, of only seven months in duration, that builds upon the skills these professionals already have. Better than that, as well as participants who are eligible (and get their social welfare while doing the programme), we are signing up these very SME’s and corporates who want innovation, so that as well as a DCU accredited piece of paper at the end of seven months (Level 8 award in innovation), these participants are placed in teams of 2 or 3 and placed in companies so they can do and learn at the same time.

The DCU Ryan Academy is delighted to be running the Business Innovation Programme Open Day on Friday, 8th October 2010 in conjunction with WorkSearch 2.0. The day will consist of a series of taster sessions to give potential participants an idea of the Business Innovation Programme content.

This is a free event and people can attend all or some of the day, but registration is essential.  For registration, please contact Anne-Marie Scott at 01 7006764 or innovation@ryanacademy.dcu.ie

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