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Lean Startup Methodology Becoming the Standard?

Another day, another set of meetings with early stage startups. Between innovation voucher clients and companies who are coming in to talk about the accelerator, I am meeting 4-6 early stage companies a week these days. All very positive for Ireland Inc, as the only way to get out of the current economic disaster is to promote entrepreneurship and not just in the DCU universe but across the country.

The one constant that I am seeing, which again is different from the old days in Venture Capital back in the dotcom era, is that most of them are either beta testing with one or more clients or at least are talking to clients very early on. This is the key to the Lean Startup Methodology that is doing the rounds in the US. Not new really, but we have a nice term for it now. It marries the old Microsoft ‘get it out there and fix the bugs later’ type of idea, but more of a ‘get your customer to use it early and fix it according to their needs’. Coupled with the bootstrapping notion, which we are all getting used to as citizens in this country, you get the ‘lean’ part of the idea.

What is positive from the perch I sit on is that most of the startups I am seeing already intuitively get this idea. No hard sell really. We save that for the money men.

  1. A.
    October 5, 2010 at 18:39

    Well stated!

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