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President McAleese at the Ryan Academy Investment Conference

Throughout the Invest Ireland 2010 conference the Ryan Academy in Citywest Business Campus has been a hub of Irish entrepreneurs, foreign investors and Irish venture capitalists, brought together through Invest Ireland in an exciting US investor style conference.

President McAleese attending the Invest Ireland 2010 Conference in the Ryan Academy

Speaking at the Invest Ireland Conference today President McAleese said, “This gathering of entrepreneurs with new and lively business ideas, and of professional investors with vibrant investment models, is an exciting concept and one that will be viewed with great interest in Ireland particularly at this time as we intensify our efforts to increase our exports and stimulate our domestic economy.”

 “Jobs are not created by spectators or by doing nothing. They are created by people with sound business ideas who can move their ideas skillfully from the drawing board to the factory floor. The more support, mentoring and encouragement those entrepreneurially-minded ideas people receive, the quicker will be the translation from good idea to decisive action. Both groups of people here today have much to offer each other – the insight and acumen that only experience can bring and the optimism and audacity of the fresh new entrepreneur.  By bringing these together we can create mutually beneficial relationships which create the engines of endeavor through which economic activity begins and gains momentum,” she continued.

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