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Rubbish Fuel…literally

This weeks VentureBeat has an article on E-Fuel, which is one of 70 companies chosen by VentureBeat to launch at their DEMO Fall 2010 event in Silicon Valley, which shows the continuing ‘greening’ of the Valley. E-Fuel is launching a new clean-energy model that allows users to convert their own organic waste into fuel and electricity, items such as organic solids (great if you have a farm or large garden for example).

The MicroFueler turns the trash into sugar in two minutes, with no residual waste. The sugar-water is then fermented and converted into ethanol fuel. At a cost starting at $10,000 it is an affordable fuel production machine and has beta versions at breweries, schools and food banks already. You could see this being popular at Co-ops, large farming facilities etc and therefore one would think Ireland will be a good market for it, and by default lowering a company’s carbon footprint.

E-Fuel states that the fuel can be  made for as little as a dollar per gallon, requires little electricity to produce, and can be stored for several years. Any organisation that produces a lot of organic waste and also has transportation needs (micro-breweries? convenience food producers?) could use it to fuel ethanol-powered vehicles for example.

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