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Easing Shopping Guilt with Charity Contributions

Now that the party of the boom years is over, austerity and moderation are ‘in.’ But now shopaholics have a whole new way to assuage guilt when maxing the credit card, through SocialVest (which is in beta test in the US), an online/in-store shopping platform that allows consumers to support charity and non-profit organisations when buying.

‘Everyday shopping. Extraordinary Change’ is the organisation’s byline.

How it works is this – consumers can sign-up for SocialVest and add their personal info, credit card details etc. Once they shop at partnered firms the process works and SocialVest (US-based) currently has partnerships with over 500 retailers including big names like Target, Macy’s, and Bloomingdale’s. If a customer make a purchase at one of these stores using the registered credit card, SocialVest will offer a cash rebate ranging from 1% to 15% of the purchase prices. Funds are accrued in users’ SocialVest accounts, and can then be pledged to any non-profit.

Part of their future marketing strategy is to use Facebook Causes, so users can update friends, make donations when and how they want and initiate fundraising by asking friend networks to donate with them. The power of Facebook compels you, as it were.

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