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Beware Creeping New Product Development

One of the issues that can occur in the development of a new product, particularly with start-up companies, is that people are dazzled by the possibilities. ‘Wow’ they say ‘this product could do this….and this….oh and this too!’ There is nothing more dangerous that creeping new product development. A shotgun rather than rifle approach. Similar to issues start-up companies have with trying to define their target markets and positioning, where the temptation is go for every market with every variation of a product that is available.

A very good example of this, in terms of how it can happen in larger organisations, is the satirical movie ‘Pentagon Wars.’ A slightly fictional account of the development of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, this particular clip portrays how what was meant to be an armoured personnel carrier to ferry troops to the battlefield, became a multi-use vehicle that didn’t hit the mark on any of its objectives, new or additional. A funny but relevant piece for all innovators and new product developers.

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