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Greenpeace takes on the Techies

Tech website Techcrunch reports that Greenpeace has a petition going to try and stop Facebook from using dirty energy for its operations. Greenpeace’s main problem with Facebook is that its new datacentre will run on “dirty coal-fired electricity.” Tech companies in general aren’t very environmentally friendly, looking at the amount of energy that is needed to run datacentres in general. Greenpeace is asking people to ‘unfriend’ coal (nice touch). It has 500,000 signatures on this already.

As Greenpeace states: “Facebook can control where it builds its infrastructure; the power purchasing agreements it enters into; and how it uses its brand’s power to advocate for strong policies that promote clean energy. Given all of the control Facebook does have, it can make a commitment to phase out coal and show the rest of the IT sector that it can be done.”

Google has been in the vanguard on this issue, with its development of sea-borne datacentres in the future and buying energy from renewable sources in the last year. It will be interesting to see if this is the start of a trend towards environmental ire against the tech sector in general.

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