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IDEO HighLights Worrying Trends

The design folks in IDEO have a new trending website called ‘Patterns‘, which features a range of identified ‘trends’ including one that they term ‘Sugar Coated Conservation.’

What is worrying is the recent survey data they have from the US in terms of attitudes towards conservation issues. According to a Pew Research poll conducted across the U.S. in 2009, global warming ranked dead last on the list of Americans’ top 20 priorities, with only 30% of participants identifying it as a “top priority.”  The broader topic of “energy” didn’t even make the top five concerns. Perhaps unsurprisingly the major issues identified were ‘now’ related problems such as the economy and jobs security.

One of the problems about being in a recession is that the focus is always on survival mode. Of course one of the problems in a boom is that the focus is on enjoying said boom. It is depressing to think that it will take more than one large-scale environmental disaster, which can be in someway attributed to global warming, for sustainability issues to move up the rankings. And don’t blame the US, I suspect similar trends would be found in Ireland, Europe and beyond.

One a more positive note the IDEO Pattern site is rather good and should get us thinking about the potential in this and other trends.

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