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Innovation Insanity?

Trends website Trendwatching is in the business of predicting meta-trends for the world, based on observations gleaned from spotters around the world. With its sister site, Springwise, it is a good place to start looking at new ideas and products or services as they appear. In the ‘it’s alright to steal, once you steal from the best’ angle they are a great place to look for new ideas that can be applied to your own particular market.

In the most recent Trendwatching bulletin, they talk about ‘Innovation Insanity’ or as they put it:

“There will never be a shortage of smart new ventures, brands, goods and services that deliver on consumers’ wants and needs. In fact, with the entire world now engaged in creative destruction, INNOVATION INSANITY is upon us. So yes, the dozens of innovations we’ve rounded up …..are just the tip of the iceberg. Invent, improve, copy… or perish.”

They go on to analyse this trend as:

  • Innovation is not necessarily about people in white coats puttering about in R&D labs. In our current experience economy, marketing innovation is equally important, and often trumps technical innovation.
  • Furthermore, as consumers’ wants are sometimes frivolous, new products and services can be, too. Really, innovation doesn’t have to be so earnest all the time.
  • Thirdly, doing or starting something new doesn’t have to cost the world. Many of the innovations featured in this briefing thrive on nimbleness and creativity, not huge budgets.

They go on to show 67 innovations from the Springwise website. What does this prove? That good ideas are viral, that sites like these are a good way to pick-up on new trends and ideas, and that adapting these ideas to your own country market can be a nice little earner. Not every innovator or entrepreneur is going to create a Google or Facebook. The majority of Small and Medium sized businesses (SMEs) create the majority of employment in most countries.

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