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Google Speeds Up Purchases with Jambool, Slide

Google seems to be going from buying a new company each month, to buying one each week. Last week it was Slide, another of the Max Levchin ‘it-came-from-Paypals-original-team’ start-ups in the Valley, and now it is Jambool (this time started by Amazon alums). According to TechCrunch the purchase price is $55 million plus another $15 million -$20 million in an earn-out potential. Not bad for a company who were set up four years ago and have gotten about $6 million in funding to date.

Jambool pegs itself as a ‘monetisation’ platform through their “Social Gold’ product which is a “full feature virtual economy platform that developers can use to create their currency systems, monetize it using in-game payments by Social Gold, and manage and grow their economy using Social Gold virtual economy analytics.” Social Gold gives applications developers the ability to build payments directly into their games and other applications.

So what does it all mean? Well, it comes as rumours about Google’s ‘Facebook Killer’ (Ha!) Google Me continue to spread, while at the same time Google looks set to shut down yet another one of their ‘innovations’, Google Wave. There is no doubt Google are taking on Facebook in the future, but what is most worrying for them is the seeming lack of a coherent vision or strategy around the company.

Endless internal innovation is fine, if one gets a significant hit once in a while, but their ‘one day a week’ to do whatever innovation you want, for their engineers, may not be working quite as well as those Harvard Business Review articles once said. It seems Google is following others in their attempt to buy innovation, product and possibly talent too.

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