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Global Weather Anomalies To Put Emphasis on Technology?

So my planned trip to Moscow next week has regrettably been cancelled due to the fires in Russia (about the size of Portugal has been destroyed). Global grain prices rocket as Prime Minister Putin bans exports, much of which would have gone to hungry countries like Turkey and Egypt. Experts from the environmental group WWF Russia have  linked climate change and hot weather to raging wildfires around the Russian capital.

It is expected to cost over $15 billion and kill thousands of people due to pollution, not to mention the physical and mental anguish. Meanwhile there are floods in India, Pakistan, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic…..is this the first significant signs of global warming affecting the human way of life?

This blog is dedicated to all things green, whether it be green living or new technologies or new methods of existing more sustainably. Yes, there is a great deal of money to be made, entrepreneurs to be minted, technologies translated out of the universities and corporate labs, and innovations brought to the masses.

But there is a greater question. When are we going to radically change the way we drive economic growth? Because that is the root cause of the damage being done to the environment. Whether you are a climate change sceptic or follower, our weather patterns are changing or at least the anomalies are becoming more prevalent. Too many times recently we are hearing ‘once in a lifetime event’ or ‘worst since records began.’

I was a fan of Obama but I was disappointed that the BP spill wasn’t used to really push the green agenda in the U.S. Wouldn’t it have been a good time for a ‘by the end of this decade we will put a man on the moon’ kind of agenda to be put to the American people? Isn’t it better to seriously fund a range of technologies that are coming from American inventors and entrepreneurs to lessen the grip that big oil has on the Western World? Will we look back at 2010 being the first year that the global warming crisis really inflicted significant damage – financial and human – and see it as an opportunity lost?


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