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Facebook Number Rumours

According to Business Insider, the most recent Facebook projections are rather impressive: 2010 revenues will come in between $1.5 billion and $2 billion. Also interesting that they think that Facebook could very well have far more than 500 million users, that this number is just the regular users and not the total number signed up. There is also a possibility that Facebook may never IPO or at least not in the traditional tech sense of the word.

Recent comments from insiders in Facebook said it  an IPO could be 36 months away, as Facebook builds up its new revenue streams such as the online currency. To be fair, an IPO is usually to either raise money for a big expansion, or for the founders and investors to get a pay-day. But Facebook has had plenty of opportunity for a big payout, and Zuckerberg seems to want to keep control of the company from the Board of Directors the whole way down to tactical activities. So why bother, if you can bring in large revenues and good profits?

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