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Irish Govt Infrastructure Projects Give Nod to Green Tech

Siliconrepublic.com reports that Green tech and energy efficiency will be a focus of the Government’s Infrastructure Priorities Programme to 2016. One area will be reducing energy use in existing building stock and a target of 10,000 new jobs has been set as part of a retrofit scheme, though these type of schemes have had a poor take-up in the past. An energy savings initiative makes good sense in terms of filling the construction-sized hole in employment while also helping reduce electricity consumption.

Almost €3.5bn will be invested in developing water services infrastructure to match existing and future demand, which is vital due to the huge amount of leakage particularly in the piping in the older cities like Dublin. Taking water from the Shannon is all very well, but like the energy refit, we don’t need to take as much as have to with better management.

And a further €480m will be provided for Flood Management and Relief Schemes. As Ireland’s summers get warmer and wetter, and global warming continues to make an impact on human living, such projects will become more a ‘must have’ than ‘nice to have.’

A new €20m International Energy Research Centre will partner with industry to solve energy management problems with global applications. Great idea. Tiny funding. In international terms this alas is a drop in the ocean.

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