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Caltech Funded to Seek Fuels from Sunlight

TechCrunch reports that California Institute of Technology or Caltech, that small but innovative engineering-oriented technology college, has been award up to $122 million to create a Fuels from Sunlight Energy Innovation Hub. The report states that the Hub’s goal is to develop ways to convert solar energy into chemical fuels and scale the technology for commercial use.

The project is in part inspired by the way plants produce energy, and will use artificial photosynthesis to turn sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into clean fuel. Researchers will be charged with finding ways to use technologies like light absorbers, catalysts, molecular linkers and separation membranes to transform sunlight into fuel, and the US Department of Energy wants to turn this research into a viable product in the form of fuel that can go directly into cars without any additional processing. It is increasingly obvious that there will be many alternatives to the energy issue in the future rather than just one or two.

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