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CEO’s of Gamestop and Insomnia at Ryan Academy

The Founder and CEO of Gamestop, Kevin Neary and the CEO of Insomnia Bobby Kerr will be guest speakers at a breakfast briefing in the Ryan Academy on Wednesday 21st July 2010 from 8.30 to 10.30 am.

GameStop Ireland was originally founded in 1994 by Kevin Neary and Michael Finucane as Gamesworld.  Gamesworld began trading at the rear of an established bookstore in Dublin and grew organically during its first nine years to record a €15 million turnover and a store count of 11 stores.  In 2003 Gamesworld were approached by GameStop to engage in a transaction that saw a controlling interest purchased by GameStop. The organisation re-branded and was tasked with carrying out an aggressive expansion plan throughout Ireland and into the UK, which is currently underway. GameStop currently operate 50 stores in Ireland and 7 in the United Kingdom.

Bobby Kerr had a very eventful 2008/2009. Aside from becoming a Dragon, he spearheaded the sale of the Kerr family business – Newpark Hotel in Kilkenny – for €23 million.  Last year he sold 51% of his Insomnia group to Penninn, valuing the business at €16 million.  In 1999 Bobby set up PERK Coffee Shops in Dublin, before selling the brand to Insomnia. Bobby reinvested all the proceeds of the PERK sale back into Insomnia and became a shareholder and CEO. Since 2004 he has led the expansion of Insomnia from 17 to 50 shops and increased turnover from €5 to €13 million.

This is open to members of the Skillnet and non-members.

To register at the event please go to http://www.ryanacademy.ie or phone Linda on (01) 700 6786

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