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Linking Marketers and Charities – For Free!

This is a copy from an Activelink post, with permission from the poster (email contact at the bottom of the post), which I think many in the sector will find useful.

“Paul Dervan (Brand & Marketing Campaigns Manager at O2 Ireland) has thought up a fantastic initiative that involves charities, top marketing executives in Dublin and you…marketing students (undergrads or postgrads) who are serious about their marketing career.

I have included Paul’s original post from his blog below that gives an outline of this idea. If you’re a marketer, student or non-profit, please read on:

I’ve been kicking around an idea for a while and am finally doing something about it.

Non-profit organisations are generally understaffed. They could really benefit from having an extra one or two enthusiastic, smart, hard-working student grads helping them out. I’ve worked with some marketing grads over the past few years who have been really impressive. They bring energy, fresh thinking and ambition to any project.

But charities generally can’t afford more people. But what if these students could be paid in something other than money?

So, here’s the plan.
Ambitious marketing students work for free for 20 hours a week for a non-profit organisation. In return, they get training and teaching from some of Ireland’s finest marketers. I’m talking about high-end training and workshops that would cost many thousands of euro if clients were getting them.

The aim would be to fast-track these students so they are as prepared as possible to pick up marketing jobs. As there are not many marketing jobs around at the moment, brand managers will pick only the best. This training will give these individuals the edge. And of course, it is not just the training, but access and a chance to impress some of the best contacts in the marketing industry.

Students volunteer 20 hours a week, giving them hopefully enough hours spare to work in a paying job at the same time.

So non-profits get extra help for free. Marketing students get fast-tracked into the profession they want to work in. What’s in it for marketers? Well, I’ve spoken to about 10 colleagues or friends in the industry and every single one of them said they’d help. Of course, the more I find, the more we can help.

At the moment the tally of senior marketing executives that have signed up for this initiative is 60.
The initiative will begin towards the end of September (2010) and run for approx 6-7 months.

The training / lectures for students will be given at a confirmed location in the city centre from 6-8pm twice weekly. Lectures will cover interesting marketing disciplines. The lectures will last between 1.5 – 2 hours. Lectures will be made up of their most up-to-date case studies, anecdotal stories from their work and some theory.

Lectures will encourage class participation so students can get the most out of this access to the industry experts.
A collaborative website will be available for the marketers and students (called ‘The Hub’) so marketers can upload lecture material, blog posts, video clips and refer any interesting websites they think may be of interest.

If you are genuinely interested in getting involved drop an email to me at duffy.sinead@gmail.com including your CV.”

Thanks to Sinead for allowing the copy and paste.

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