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Gotham Dreams of Gotham Greens

In a sense it is a shame that our thinking of ‘greening the city’ is still stuck mostly back in the 20th century. I walk through the Ballymun regeneration area most days on my way to work and it still seems like a concrete jungle.

The term ‘Gotham’ has been a by-word for New York since the Gotham of Batman was based on the Big Apple. There is a project there called Gotham Greens, which seeks to redress the divide between urban and rural by building hydroponic rooftop farms starting with one in Brooklyn.

This initial farm is a 15,000 square foot rooftop greenhouse facility will annually produce over 30 tons of premium quality, pesticide-free, sustainably grown, vegetables, fruit, and culinary herbs. The farm will combine technically sophisticated Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) techniques with unique energy-saving innovations. The produce grown will be sold under the Gotham Greens brand at grocery stores and farmer’s markets, as well as restaurants across the city. The greenhouse facility will begin crop production in 2011.

The facility will be powered, in part, by on-site solar panels and irrigated by captured rainwater. Another variation on urban or city farms, Gotham Greens is a New York City based company dedicated to growing the freshest and highest quality vegetables and culinary herbs for the local retail and restaurant market. Even the produce will be delivered by bicycle or alternative energy vans, to Whole Foods, farmers markets and restaurants.

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