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Update on Desertec Project

Interesting article on the inhabitat website on the Desertec solar project that was mentioned on this blog before. In it, the site speculates that if only 1% of the Saharan Desert were covered in concentrating solar panels that it could serve the world’s energy needs. Now I don’t have back-up to that concept, but one would assume large solar farms on the Northern side of the African continent would indeed serve Europe’s energy needs quite well, as well as domestic African ones.

And to support that idea, the Inhabitat site also states that in recent days the European Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger announced that Europe will start importing solar energy from the Sahara within the next five years. Last year the EU announced that they would lay a series of highly efficient cables across the Mediterranean to link in with the series of  these solar panel power plants that are being build in the Sahara.

As we mentioned before the Desertec initiative is being financed by a group of European companies and is supported by the EU government. The plan is to cover 6,500 square miles of the desert in photovoltaic systems and wind parks. The final completion date for the project is planned as 2050 and will cost circa 400 billion Euros. A small price for the project, looking at the damage being done off the coast of the US at the moment.

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