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Millenium Technology Prize for Solar Innovator

A professor who invented low-cost solar cells that can be incorporated into energy-producing windows has been awarded the Millennium Technology Prize by the Technology Academy in Finland. The Swiss Professor Michael Grätzel was awarded with the prize of 800,000 Euros, which is one of the biggest technology prizes in the world. The award was established to help aim technological development to a “more humane direction” and is handed out once every two years.

The Technology Academy awarded the special prize as, based on the materials and manufacturing steps involved, the cost of Grätzel cells could come under the $1 per watt. This would be a major cost breakthrough point for solar electricity on a global scale. Grätzel’s invention is called the nanostructured dye-sensitized solar cell.  It is also called a dye solar cell (DSC) or unsurprisingly the ‘Grätzel cell’. This potentially disruptive technology mimics the energy processes of green plants or photosynthesis.

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