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YouSee Offer a New Impact Solution

Beyond Profit have highlighted a new version of the impact management that has become such an issue for both the new venture philanthropists as well as old school grant givers.

YouSee is a Hyderabad-based non-profit founded in 2009. The new model sees YouSee funding a development project chosen by them. They then ensure that the project is implemented efficiently and delivers meaningful social impact. YouSee then shows the results to potential donors and investors for them to pick and choose from amongst those impactful projects those that they might want to fund going forward.

As their website states: “UC’s model aims to improve the scale and efficiency of financing these services through a result-based and post-paid model of funding. What this means is that UC applies its own funds to provide services to beneficiaries. UC then documents the work and the results from it into a Result Certificate. Interested investors and donors are then invited to post-pay and contribute to visible outcomes achieved through UC.”

YouSee therefore bears the initial financial risk, while doing a lot of the work, from identification of projects to monitoring to reporting of the project impact measurement. In doing so they act almost like an early funder or angel funder in the commercial world. They also set-up the situation for longer term funders to take over and make the system sustainable.

 Again this shows that the world of funding social projects and social enterprises is still evolving, and evolving way beyond the traditional grand giving idea or indeed the venture capital model.

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