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iPad the Saviour of the ….Music Industry?

Current thought leadership around the iPad and it’s competitors is that it might help save the newspaper and magazine industry. But what if could help the music industry?

I am old enough to remember the excitement of buying a vinyl album. Gate-fold sleeves with great artwork and often the lyrics (which was useful as some of the bands I listened to, well lets just say the words were hard to work out!).

If the iPad and its competitors do actually take off (and it seems Apple have sold 2 million now, though no mention of how many have been taken back), then could this help bring back the art and lyrics package that vinyl pioneered? It was less successful with the CD as the package itself was so small. But now the idea that your music might also be on a device that is positioned somewhere between the iPod and a laptop, then the potential is there. As there is a lot of development in ‘mash-ups’ perhaps there will be a move towards user-generated art for albums, as fans create their own ‘covers’ and share with friends?

Although there is no doubt there is a lot of hype with the iPad, there is a possibility this new type of device, as it moves through the product life-cycle, will help more than the newspaper and magazine world get to grips with the new digital world.

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