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Are Online Games Hurting Productivity?

An article in todays BBC website states that the Google Pac-Man game has taken over 5 million hours of productive work time since it was put online as part of the 30 years anniversary of the iconic game. Google has reworked the game so the layout was arranged around letters forming its name, and having proved so popular it has now made it permanently available on its own page. This isn’t the only online distraction.

It has become obvious that many people access their Facebook pages while they are at work, and with the advent of somewhat addictive games on Facebook such as Zynga’s FarmVille , this may be a cause for concern for employers. A similarly themed article is also on the Wired magazines website. Of course Facebook are now tied to Zynga as of last week, in the hope that their virtual money or credits could be implemented to pay for items similar to the massively multiplayer online games such as World of Warcraft.

The Wired article also points out that this is a big growth potential area for the gaming industry, with Electronic Arts recently acquired online games maker Playfish for $300 million in cash, with plans to bring their games franchises to Facebook. One wonders exactly what the cost of employees using such applications during work time is actually costing the economy.

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