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Ryan Academy Innovation, Creativity and the Future

This is the new blog from the Ryan Academy series of blogs on thought leadership on a range of areas from social enterprise to green technologies. This new blog is in the area of innovation, creativity and the future.

As we move from a high tech manufacturing base into the knowledge or innovation economy, the area of innovation and creativity and how that fits in with our nations future are vital areas. We know of the success of countries like the US, Israel and the Nordic countries in this area.

Ireland has a mixed history in this area. In the arts we have been very creative and now we must apply that level of thinking to the new economy, not only to help develop new ideas but also to put them into action. Innovation is nothing withouth implementation. And this is not an area that is the sole perserve of industry – we must be become more innovative as a nation, in our primary and secondary schools, in higher education, in how we live (lifestyle innovation) and how we run our country.

This blog will look at these issues, how other organisations and countries are tackling it and how best we can more forward. We will enjoy hearing from you on these issues.

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